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Who Are We and What Is GASP!?

Destinations - Includes Trip Reports and Stories, Destination Information, and Links to Related Sites (photos, maps, tourist info, book recommendations, etc.)

Sea Kayaking FAQ - Updated here on GASP regularly by Todd Leigh, author.

Surf Kayaking FAQ

Tsunami Rangers Sea Kayaking Hand Signals


PaddleWise - a mailing list dedicated to discussion on safe and environmentally responsible sea kayaking and other paddlesports worldwide, not just in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Marine Environment

Wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico - Information on different animal species found in the Gulf of Mexico including links to other sites.
About Those Sharks... - Be afraid. Be very afraid... of your neighbors' pet dogs, lightning and drowning, but not of those sharks...
Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Weather - Including sections on lightning, hurricanes, etc. with links to sites for current weather conditions.
Tide and Current Predictions - Interactive tidal height and current speed estimator provided by Dean Pentcheff, Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina.
Red Tide - What is red tide, and what is its impact on the Gulf of Mexico marine environment and humans. Also, links to latest updates on red tide in the Gulf of Mexico.

Clubs and Organizations for Sea Kayakers Along the Gulf Coast

Gulf of Mexico and Area Out-fitters and Suppliers for Sea Kayakers

Fun Stuff

Did You Know... - A collection of articles posted to the GASP! sea kayaking list-serve and archived here which discuss interesting facts about the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean areas.

Dog On Deck - Section on paddling with paddlers' best friend including a photo gallery and an opportunity for you to submit your favorite photo of Fido and/or a short story about your experience paddling with your pooch.

Jackie's Sea Kayaking ASCII Art - All graphics are copyrighted.

Missing Kayaks Links

An up-to-date stolen kayaks list set up by Mariner Kayaks - A place to list your stolen kayak and view a list of unclaimed and recovered kayaks. Also includes info on how to avoid buying a "hot" kayak and how to avoid being a victim, written by Matt Broze. Thanks to Matt Broze for this effort.