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Bob Myers and Mollie on Canyon Lake, Texas - Click here to read about sea kayaking with Mollie.
Bob & Mollie
Jeff and Pal on Guadalupe River, Texas
Deb Hawkins' pal Willi
Sasha - Check out more pics and stories on Sasha and her paddling buddies, Ira and Brandon, here where you can also read about their discovery of a "secret" island.
Molly, Dolly and Bob
Dolly and Melanie
Mike and Ally "Bean Dog" - Check out Ally Bean Dog's wetsuit! Mike and Ally Bean Dog are with the Kansas Canoe Association where Mike is president.
Mike and Ally "Bean Dog"
Shawn and Shadow - paddling a Chesapeake 17 built by Shawn.
Skamp on the Saco River, Maine - Skamp's paddling companion is Cindi.
Bruiser - Bruiser is paddling the Buffalo River in Arkansas with Steven and enjoys seeing his pal Ally "Bean Dog" on the water. Bruiser lives with Randy and Leila.
Chris - Chris' paddling companion is Craig
Happy - Happy's paddling companion is Alice
Shorty - Shorty's paddling companion is Pam. Pam and Shorty have been paddling partners for 3 years. They enjoy paddling the lakes and rivers of the Monadnock area of new Hampshire.
Skye - Skye's paddling companion is Pat. Skye and Pam enjoy paddling the Monadnock area of New Hampshire along with Pam and Shorty above.
Ursa - Ursa's paddling companion is Nancy. Ursa is a Chinook dog that prefers to ride on the bow where the view is best!. Click here to see Ursa's home page.
Sedna - An Alaskan Malamute and friend of Ursa above, Sedna's paddling companion is Conrad (aka "Con-Radical" when ocean and white water paddling!)

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